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WATERMAN Expert Fountain Pen Medium Point, Black Lacquer with Gold Trim (S0951660)

by Waterman

The Waterman pen company is a major manufacturer of luxury fountain pens….. Established in 1884 in New York City by Lewis Edson Waterman it is now one of the few remaining first-generation fountain pen companies, as Waterman S.A..

Since 2000 it has been owned by the American group Newell Brands subsidiary Sanford L.P.

In the initial years of Waterman’s involvement in pen manufacturing was unclear.

The earliest records of reservoir pens date back to the tenth century, the 10th century!   With the oldest surviving examples dating back to the 18th.

Waterman’s improvements on basic pen design and their aggressive marketing played that all too vital role in making the fountain pen a mass-market object.

In 1883 Lewis Edson Waterman invented the “Three Fissure Feed” system which prevented excessive discharge of ink after previously losing a big sale due to a leaking fountain pen, it was time to do something about it.

Which led to the key novelty feature of Waterman’s first fountain pens was the feed, for which his first pen-related patent was granted in 1884.

Right from the beginning competition in the fountain pen industry was fierce, both in the marketplace and the courtroom.

As with many areas today. Does not look like it has changed…..

Incredible prices on the leader of the writing instruments. Waterman…

Despite later company literature that depicts Lewis E. Waterman as a golden-hearted innocent, all evidence indicates that he was a tough, savvy, and innovative businessman to have got the company where it is today.

In 1899 the L.E.Waterman company developed the “spoon Feed” system which prevented overflow of ink, which also led to the company receiving the gold medal of excellence at the “Exposition Universelle” in Paris in 1900.

The Waterman name is one of the more recognizable names in fine luxury pens.

The famous “Waterman of Paris” pens in their distinctive blue clamshell boxes can be found in high end retailers all around the world.

Waterman’s claims to fame are many, including the invention of the modern fountain pen as well as the the modern cartridge pen.

What some people don’t know is that Waterman was effectively two different companies: the old L. E. Waterman Pen Company of New York, and the current Waterman S.A. of Paris.

Waterman had originally started as an American company, which eventually spun off a French subsidiary.

When the American company collapsed, the French subsidiary took over the name.

Collectors will notice a very sharp difference between vintage and modern Watermans, as the modern pens come from a rather different design lineage.

Collecting Waterman

Waterman pens vary greatly in their collectibility. The very early Watermans and the gold and sterling silver overlay pens are highly sought after and can command for rather princely sums of money now-a-days.

The hand-engraved overlays are quite beautiful as antiques. Standing the test-of-time.

The more common hard rubber Watermans from the early 20th century are far easier to obtain and far less expensive, as you would expect.

 The 12PSF, 52, 54, and 52 1/2 V models are all fairly easy to find and are good quality examples of 1920s hard rubber lever fillers.

Best of all, these pens are very likely to have highly flexible nibs, which makes them great for that fine penmanship you most probably need at some time.

The higher end Watermans from the 30s and 40s, such as the Patrician and the Hundred Year Pen, are rather rare and command a very high price, so delve deep in your pockets to per cure on of those.

A Patrician in good condition is one of the most stunning Art Deco pens ever made, but it is far too expensive for the average collector.

The more common models, such as the Commando, are relatively inexpensive, so worth a look for.

But if you like to walk on the wild side why not look for those high end pens…… after all collectors do spend good money on other collection.

The modern French Waterman pens feature radically different styling from older Waterman pens of yesteryear.

Starting with the CF and continuing to all current production, the sleek forms and the cutout clip contrast sharply with American designs.

Most current production Waterman pens are not considered terribly collectible beyond their usual value as high end fine pens.

Waterman’s range and production is enormous, so will have a great time viewing their range…


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