Various Lettering Styles and Points/Nibs

Various Lettering Styles and Points/Nibs


Have you been practicing your writing now that you are writing with a fountain pen…

Or are you just writing like you would every day.

It’s about time that you really got into the fountain pen world where you can write like a professional.

Yes…. all that writing styles you have been admiring for a while now and thinking that you can’t write like that.

You have a fountain pen right?

Well don’t think that you can not write like the professionals, you just need to learn how.

Here is a video that shows you how to get different effects with different styles of nibs.

There are may different nibs that you can buy for to your fountain pen that can give many different effects. There are thin shaped nibs to thick shaped nibs, different shapes to more flexible nibs.

Have a look and see what different nibs there are in this video and how to use them.




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