Sheaffer Fountain Pen

Sheaffer Fountain Pen




Sheaffer VFM, Neon Blue, Nickel Plate Trim, Fountain: Medium Nib (E0940153)
by Sheaffer


The Sheaffer VFM is a simple, yet elegant fountain pen. It is made of metal and has a thin, cigar shape, that tapers down toward both ends with a thicker middle.

The finish of this pen is matte, and covers the entire capped pen except for the ring between the cap and body and the pen clip. It’s available in many colours.

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They have unexpectedly nice finishes on their cheap fountain pens as well…..

The nib is stainless steel and the size and shape you’d expect for the scale of this pen. The nib has no engraving, outside of the Sheaffer name stamped into it.

There is a plastic grip section that narrows from the body to a comfortable grip in the hand, and there’s a metal ring that the nib and section fit into to meet the body of the pen.

The pen clip is metal as is the cap band, the ring that separates the pen body from the cap.

The pen clip has the trademark Sheaffer White Dot on the top of the pen clip to identify the brand. The cap band is stamped with “SHEAFFER” three times so you can see it from any angle around the ring which is nice.

The VFM fountain pen performs well on standard ledger paper and 24lb weight paper.

It isn’t necessarily a wet writer, but it isn’t consistent. It delivers more ink on down-strokes so it tends to puddle a bit using the standard Sheaffer international short cartridges.

 It’s awesome when you consider it’s only twenty bucks!