The Return of the Fountain Pen Today

The Return of the Fountain Pen


When many people are becoming more modernized in their every day lives the historical origins of the fountain pen has not disappeared into oblivion.

In fact the fountain pen is more popular today than it has been for a while, yes other pens have come onto the market, and so many variations… but the fountain pen still has it’s historical origins of the first made writing instrument of our historical era and holds a special, almost regal status.

Fountain pens are classical in nature and many are beautiful to write with, some say that the experience of writing with a quality fountain pen spoils you to go back to any other writing instrument again.

The true writing connoisseur of the pens, many have been designed with the collector in mind and the styles and writing ability of the fountain pens with of different nibs and sizes make it very versatile for different writing styles that cannot be replicated with other writing devices.

I have added products on this website of some of the original pen and quill fountain pens of the day – YES! they do make replicas of the quill and pen. And I for one am delighted that they have.

Sure most people own a ball point pen these days….. who doesn’t, we all do for general writing.

You know….. those every day scribblings we do to remember things and do business through-out the world. But what about writing?

Really writing!

When you want to make writing an art form and enjoy every stroke of the nib and it’s ink sinking into the writing paper making an art form of each letter right in front of you.

I have found some interesting information on the internet on just how popular the fountain pen is becoming, and the raving fans that, once they have tried the fountain pen for themselves….. become true followers in their own right.


Here is the article:

The return of the fountain pen





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