History of the Old Fountain Pens

History of Old Fountain Pens


The history of old fountain pens is an interesting one…. and part of something so big that most people don’t really give it a second thought.

Not only was the birth of writing…….. evolutionary to the whole world- in fact the first writing tool might have been a soft coloured stone that was dragged along a harder surface to create a lined mark.

The fountain pen started of its life as a quill.

This being for the uninitiated – a birds feather that was cut at the end of the quill itself for the ink to be captured withing the quill and once pressure put on it made a mark on paper.

Because of the quill only having the ability to hold little ink in this basic design – the writer had to dip the quill into an ink pot many times to write a letter.

Ahhh the art or writing….

Although fountain pens have come a long way since then, we still love the old fountain pen design and some of us have bought the original replica design just to have it in our house as an ornament, And elegant it is too….

You will fin some of the original quill pen replicas on this site in the products section if you are interested in buying one.



Here is a link to an article that I have fount that I feel is a good read on Fountain pen history

And a Video of the History of the Writing Pen







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