Muji Fountain Pen

Muji Fountain Pen




MUJI Aluminum Body Fountain Pen – Fine Nib – with 2 Refill Ink Cartridge



While Muji pens and paper have established a cult following today among writing enthusiasts, you could not say it’s necessarily a high-end Japanese stationery brand.

Their corporate philosophy is quite fascinating. Minimalism seems to be  the common thread, to the point where they don’t actually put their brand name on any of their products.

New York shoppers who can read the characters in the Japanese label (無印良品) immediately get the inside joke. The first character, 無 (mu), means “without.” The second character, 印 (jirushi), means “brand.” “Muji” is simply short for “Mujirushi Ryōhin” or “brandless quality goods.”

This is an apt description of their writing products. Muji’s selection of excellent – and inexpensive – gel ink pens are a big draw for many you could say.


Design and Aesthetics

True to the ethos of Muji, both fountain pens have a clean, minimalist look to their design. In case the names didn’t give it away, both pens are made out of aluminium.

While they don’t have the premium feel of something like the Kaweco AL Sport, they do still feel sturdy in the hand.

The Aluminium Round Fountain Pen is the more conventional of the two pens. It has a pull-off cap with just the right amount friction to both stay in place when capped and come off easily. How lovely…..

The top of the barrel also has a corresponding spot to accept the cap when it’s time to post it, remember the post it – putting on the cap.

You could say the fit and finish on the pens is middle of the road. If you can imagine Ikea making a fountain pen, that’s kind of what it feels like.

Gift Card from Pen Boutique Ltd

It looks nice and is well-designed,  but its most probably not going to be an icon.

Saying that, the quality seems very appropriate for the price you are paying, – so no delving deep into your pockets for allot of money….