Lamy Fountain Pen

Lamy Fountain Pen




LAMY Vista Fountain Pen Demonstrator, Clear Fine Nib (L12F)

by Lamy


In the evolution of Lamy from a small Heidelberg writing implement factory to the market leader and brand manufacturer of international significance, the birth of the Lamy design brand in 1966 was without doubt the most important milestone.

But there are many others which are worth describing in a short journey through time.

C. Josef Lamy, who up until then had worked as an export and branch manager for an American writing instruments manufacturer, set up his own business in Heidelberg, the Orthos Füllfederhalter-Fabrik.

At the beginning of the Second World War, during Which time the young Heidelberg enterprise has to take on armaments work, more than 200,000 fountain pens of the ORTHOS and ARTUS brands are being produced annually.

The LAMY imporium series enriches the market for Premium Writing instruments with yet another product that will leave a lasting impression.

The characteristic body of straight lines is technically striking, making it completely individual and unique – while contrast is provided by the striking cylindrical cap.

This combination of shapes lends the series – featuring fountain pen, rollerball pen, ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil – its classic and timeless appearance.

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The various models designed for Lamy by Mario Bellini are refined using high-end PVD coating and galvanisation.

LAMY imporium – a series of writing instruments that effortlessly unites attitude and style.