how to use a fountain pen

How To Use A Fountain Pen



I am sure you have your own style with your fountain pen when writing.

But did you know that there is a wrong way to write, and a right way to write….

I know… we have been writing most of our lives, but when it comes to the fountain pens, there is a way to write that is different than the way we were taught with ball point pens when we were young.

It’s in the way you use your wrist and the strokes that you do with your hand that gives the flow of a professional from pen to paper.

The nib is different than the ball point pen – a whole new style you could say……

And there is an art in writing with a fountain pen that can take time to master.

I am not saying the you should devote yourself to spending this amount of time studying the form of writing with such a pen.

But you can learn the basics and I feel if we are using fountain pens in our writing, we should also devote some of our item in learning how to hold the pen right and learning how to use the movements of our wrists correctly when writing.





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