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The Disposable Fountain Pen


The Disposable Fountain Pen   Yes that’s right! A disposable fountain pen – who ever would have thought it! Most people think the best fountain pens can be found in the $100 + range…… Disposable fountain pens aren’t exactly that common you know, but a few brands do sell them because some people simply don’t […]

Fountain Pen Ink


Fountain Pen Ink   Because all fountain pens operate on the principle of capillary action, ink for them is almost exclusively dye-based. Pigment-based inks (which contain solid pigment particles in a liquid suspension) tend to clog the narrow passages of the pens. Some pigmented inks do exist for fountain pens, but these are uncommon. India […]

Fountain Pen Ink Bottle


Fountain Pen Ink Bottle   Ink Bottles Not only does the ink have important characteristics for the fountain pen connoisseur, but the ink bottle itself is an important consideration. Size and shape of the bottle is important, if not also fashionable… Ahhh…. the ultimate in personal expression, fountain pen ink bottles offer a beautiful pallet […]

Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges


Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges   Fountain pen ink cartridges are an easy and convenient choice for those owning pens with cartridge-converter filling systems  instead of dipping in your fountain pen to the ink all the time – but that’s fun isn’t it! Anyway – cartridges almost always hold more ink than corresponding converters, and often […]

How to Write With a Fountain Pen

how-to-write-with a fountain pen

How to Write With a Fountain Pen   Post your cap (or not) ”Posting your cap” means putting the cap on the end of your fountain pen while you’re writing. The pen usually feels more balanced in the hand when you have it posted. Though of course, some people prefer to write with the cap […]