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The Return of the Fountain Pen Today

The Return of the Fountain Pen   When many people are becoming more modernized in their every day lives the historical origins of the fountain pen has not disappeared into oblivion. In fact the fountain pen is more popular today than it has been for a while, yes other pens have come onto the market, […]

How Fountain Pens were Made

How Fountain Pens were Made   It’s a good idea to see how the iconic fountain pen is made… You think of busy people making the fountain pen by hand, wait! that was the quill pen when the earliest fountain pen was made with the trusty feather… Well, today fountain pen construction have become more […]

Limited Edition Fountain Pens

Limited Edition Fountain Pens   When it comes to all things exclusive…….  it’s just something about exclusive that makes us want to buy. Whether it be sunglasses or a limited edition book – it screams exclusive! And we know that there are only a limited number of this sort and make of item out there. […]

Fountain Pen Resourses and Clubs

Fountain Pen Resourses and Clubs   Now if you want to learn more about fountain pens, I highly recommend you check out the following sources to get into the bustling fountain pen world: This is the source on fountain pens on the web.  This site is a must-read for anyone wanting to learn […]

Fountain Pens for Sale


Fountain Pens for Sale   Where else can you find all the fountain pens that you want for sale, when it comes to searching all over the web… phew it take time and is a hassle to do… So here we are a all in one website for the specific brand you would want if […]