Note pads

Note Pads


Everyone needs a notepad to write something on.

So I have started to design my own note pads, you can view them on this page and if you like them, click over and buy one for yourself.. their origional by myself.



The Return of the Fountain Pen Today

The Return of the Fountain Pen


When many people are becoming more modernized in their every day lives the historical origins of the fountain pen has not disappeared into oblivion.

In fact the fountain pen is more popular today than it has been for a while, yes other pens have come onto the market, and so many variations… but the fountain pen still has it’s historical origins of the first made writing instrument of our historical era and holds a special, almost regal status.

Fountain pens are classical in nature and many are beautiful to write with, some say that the experience of writing with a quality fountain pen spoils you to go back to any other writing instrument again.

The true writing connoisseur of the pens, many have been designed with the collector in mind and the styles and writing ability of the fountain pens with of different nibs and sizes make it very versatile for different writing styles that cannot be replicated with other writing devices.

I have added products on this website of some of the original pen and quill fountain pens of the day – YES! they do make replicas of the quill and pen. And I for one am delighted that they have.

Sure most people own a ball point pen these days….. who doesn’t, we all do for general writing.

You know….. those every day scribblings we do to remember things and do business through-out the world. But what about writing?

Really writing!

When you want to make writing an art form and enjoy every stroke of the nib and it’s ink sinking into the writing paper making an art form of each letter right in front of you.

I have found some interesting information on the internet on just how popular the fountain pen is becoming, and the raving fans that, once they have tried the fountain pen for themselves….. become true followers in their own right.


Here is the article:

The return of the fountain pen





History of the Old Fountain Pens

History of Old Fountain Pens


The history of old fountain pens is an interesting one…. and part of something so big that most people don’t really give it a second thought.

Not only was the birth of writing…….. evolutionary to the whole world- in fact the first writing tool might have been a soft coloured stone that was dragged along a harder surface to create a lined mark.

The fountain pen started of its life as a quill.

This being for the uninitiated – a birds feather that was cut at the end of the quill itself for the ink to be captured withing the quill and once pressure put on it made a mark on paper.

Because of the quill only having the ability to hold little ink in this basic design – the writer had to dip the quill into an ink pot many times to write a letter.

Ahhh the art or writing….

Although fountain pens have come a long way since then, we still love the old fountain pen design and some of us have bought the original replica design just to have it in our house as an ornament, And elegant it is too….

You will fin some of the original quill pen replicas on this site in the products section if you are interested in buying one.



Here is a link to an article that I have fount that I feel is a good read on Fountain pen history

And a Video of the History of the Writing Pen







Various Lettering Styles and Points/Nibs

Various Lettering Styles and Points/Nibs


Have you been practicing your writing now that you are writing with a fountain pen…

Or are you just writing like you would every day.

It’s about time that you really got into the fountain pen world where you can write like a professional.

Yes…. all that writing styles you have been admiring for a while now and thinking that you can’t write like that.

You have a fountain pen right?

Well don’t think that you can not write like the professionals, you just need to learn how.

Here is a video that shows you how to get different effects with different styles of nibs.

There are may different nibs that you can buy for to your fountain pen that can give many different effects. There are thin shaped nibs to thick shaped nibs, different shapes to more flexible nibs.

Have a look and see what different nibs there are in this video and how to use them.




How to Calligraphy Video

How to Calligraphy Video



There are may different ways to write calligraphy……

You can write with different colour inks for instance………

On lovely writing paper that you can buy these days (I have added some writing paper on this site that you can go and have a look at).

This video has an interesting array of different styles and ideas to get you thinking.

”I did not know you could do this with calligraphy” you might say……

But this site is all about fountain pens and what you can do with them.

Many people want to know more about what they can do with their fountain pens, so I want this site to be a one-stop-site where you can get ideas in all areas of the fountain pen world.

And this also means what papers you can get and different styles of writing you can write with your pens.


how to use a fountain pen

How To Use A Fountain Pen



I am sure you have your own style with your fountain pen when writing.

But did you know that there is a wrong way to write, and a right way to write….

I know… we have been writing most of our lives, but when it comes to the fountain pens, there is a way to write that is different than the way we were taught with ball point pens when we were young.

It’s in the way you use your wrist and the strokes that you do with your hand that gives the flow of a professional from pen to paper.

The nib is different than the ball point pen – a whole new style you could say……

And there is an art in writing with a fountain pen that can take time to master.

I am not saying the you should devote yourself to spending this amount of time studying the form of writing with such a pen.

But you can learn the basics and I feel if we are using fountain pens in our writing, we should also devote some of our item in learning how to hold the pen right and learning how to use the movements of our wrists correctly when writing.





How to replace a Fountain Pen Nib

How to replace a Fountain Pen Nib


There is a wrong way and there is a right way when it comes to changing your fountain pen nib.

Are you a seasoned professional at this or not?

Maybe you have been changing a fountain pen nibs and not sure if you are doing it the right way…

Are you in doubt now….

It can never hurt to find out how to change fountain pen nib to make sure you are doing it correctly.

As this can mean the difference between getting the best performance out of your pen or not.

I have found just a video to show you how it’s done.




How To Pick Calligraphy Tools

How To Pick Calligraphy Tools


Are you into calligraphy?

Not only is it a lovely way of writing, it’s a form of writing that is graceful and historical.

When the first books were created, the only way to write them was by hand.

In the early days there were no printing presses then – as this was before machinery.

So all books were hand written with the quill fountain pen.

You could imagine how long these books would have taken to write so books were not only rare, they were also expensive.

I have found a video on picking out Calligraphy tools – lets see what they have to say.




How Fountain Pens were Made

How Fountain Pens were Made


It’s a good idea to see how the iconic fountain pen is made…

You think of busy people making the fountain pen by hand, wait! that was the quill pen when the earliest fountain pen was made with the trusty feather…

Well, today fountain pen construction have become more automated, turning out parts that would normally take a long time by hand. Machinery has come along to help out.

But don’t think that these people who make our fountain pens just sit back and do nothing…. you would be wrong.

These pens are lovingly constructed and finished off.

The work and design that is put into the luxury fountain pens for customers like yourself……

Yes,  a lot is going on in the background before they reach your hands.





Fountain Pen Shootout #1: Montblanc 220 vs. Lamy 2000

Fountain Pen Shootout #1: Montblanc 220 vs. Lamy 2000


It’s always nice to compare one fountain pen against another.

A bit like pitting one of the fountain pen brands to another to see how they perform against each other.

Now unless you are a one fountain pen brand person. You cannot push aside on brand for another unless all their pens are crap… did I say that.

These big brand names are bringing out different fountain pens all the time, so where one might not be as good, another pen could be a dream to write with.

So…. lets see how the Montblanc 149 fountain pen compares itself with the Lamy 2000 fountain pen.

Don’t worry about the start of the video, as I was wondering what he was up to as well, but he was trying to impersonate one of the big western greats…