Aurora Fountain Pens

Aurora Fountain Pens



 Aurora Mar Ionio Limited Edition Fountain Pen-Medium

by Nil    $1,196.00

Aurora, an Italian story

Aurora Pens are amongst some of  the finest Writing Instruments from Italy since 1919. They are  legendary, yet have an air of a modernistic look about them. Featuring fine craftsmanship and technology.

It was in 1919, that the first steps down a long road were taken with the birth of the Aurora brand, and with it, the creation of the first true Italian fountain-pen.

In that year, the success enjoyed by the mythical Aurora pen coincided with their new historic direction. with Aurora becoming the name of a company destined for success.

Within the first years of the company company…. showed that it was able to produce such writing instruments with inimitable allure and refinement for the connoisseur alike.
It was a  unique style which, following the evolution of a taste, that was to become timeless, brought together by experience, technique, precious materials and an artisans skill that lead to a refinement to the pen.

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Having earned an appreciation of admirers round the world to today and I am sure beyond.