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Fountain Pens! this site is dedicated to the fountain pens of past and the future.

The fountain pen is one of the most valuable writing instruments that has been around since the dawn of time. As you have arrived on this site I can see you also are a fan of the fountain pen.

As this site is dedicated to the fountain pen, you will find something valuable information here on how to look after your fountain pens and valuable history on how the fountain pen had its humble beginning as the first writing instrument, to what it has become today.

With almost cult status, the fountain pen has many admirers and buyers of some of the most expensive pens that are commanding big money as collectors items and limited editions.

I don’t think there is anyone who could dispute that the fountain pen is most probably the most important pen that is around today in modern times.

So do browse this site at your leisure and learn more about, the most important pen that was ever created.

We do know that the pen as it was in ancient times revolutionized writing as we know it today.